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Capitals in South America

All 14 countries in South America and their respective capitals are listed on this page. Find out more on the capitals in South America.

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Capitals in South America
Buenos Aires1.Argentina13,076,300South America
Lima2.Peru7,737,002South America
Bogota3.Colombia7,674,366South America
Santiago4.Chile4,837,295South America
Caracas5.Venezuela3,000,000South America
Brasilia6.Brazil2,207,718South America
Asuncion7.Paraguay1,482,200South America
Quito8.Ecuador1,399,814South America
Montevideo9.Uruguay1,270,737South America
Georgetown10.Guyana235,017South America
Sucre11.Bolivia224,838South America
Paramaribo12.Suriname223,757South America
Cayenne13.French Guiana61,550South America
Stanley14.Falkland Islands2,213South America

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